Tariffs for using Alytics :: Alytics — system for automation and optimisation of the contextual advertising

How much it costs

Alytics charges a fee for the management of advertising campaigns. Alytics cost depends on the total monthly advertising budget of all your websites and projects advertisement managed by Alytics. The larger your budget is, the smaller the proportion of commission you get. To calculate the size of the commission, read the table of tariffs below.

advertising budget
for all your
sites and projects
Alytics cost Number of sites Number of products
in a generating module
up to 1 700 EUR 85 EUR
a month
up to 3-x
+35 EUR
For each
additional site (subdomains are not considered to be additional sites)
up to 20 000 products
+5 EUR
for every
1 000 products *
+420 EUR fixed, if
you have from 100 000 
up to 500 000 products
+750 EUR. fixed, if
you have from 500 000
up to 1 mln. of products
f you have more than
1 000 000 of goods,
Alytics cost
is calculated
from 1 700 EUR
up to 3 400 EUR
of advertising budget
a month
Without limits
from 3 400 EUR
up to 17 000 EUR
3% — 5%
of advertising budget
a month
from 17 000 EUR
up to 42 000 EUR
2% — 3%
of advertising budget
a month

Over 42 000 EUR   

The commission is calculated individually. 
Please contact us 
by phone +7 (495) 215-23-57 
or by e-mail info@alytics.ru

Trial period

After you register in the system, you get a free 14-day access to all functions of the system: the analytics module, bid management module and module product ads generation.

If at the end of 14 day trial you for some reason do not want to use Alytics system, your account will be disabled and you will not have to pay for anything.

You will get a bill for deposit of 85 euros, in case you are happy with the trial results and decide to work further with Alytics. This sum will be used as a payment for the period of platform use from the end of the trial period up to the start of the next calendar month. If cash balance remains, it will go as a payment for the next month; if your deposit size is exceeded, our manager will send you a bill for the deficient amount.

Further on you will be billed on a monthly basis, by the end of each month, depending on the amount you spent on contextual advertising. You need to pay the bill within 7 days, otherwise your account will be disabled.

If you still have any questions, please, write to us.

We will consider only those product items (offers), which have ads either in Google or Yandex published or updated.